Top Tips Every Parent Should Know When Buying a Pram

Top Tips Every Parent Should Know When Buying a Pram

We have put together some top tips that every parent should know when buying a pram or stroller. There are so many different types of prams on the market these days so it’s no surprise that it can be super difficult to choose which one is the right one for you. Deciding which things to buy first for your baby can be quite overwhelming so here are some of our top tips. 

Being a mum and midwife, I have personally experienced what it is like to find the right pram for my babies and have had trial and errors with finding the right style.

Things to consider:

  1. Know Your budget
  2. Size of the pram when folded
  3. Where do you plan on using your stroller? Eg mainly flat surfaces such malls or bumpy trails.
  4. Style of newborn capsule attachment (capsule or flat bassinet)

Know Your Budget:

I think it’s important to know your budget when purchasing a pram as there are often a lot of additional accessories that come with it. When you’re in store ask the pram experts about the different options available for newborns such as capsule and bassinet style seats and see which one feels right for your baby. These are usually additional travel systems that are added to the pram frame using the correct clip adaptors. Some prams can fully recline but most will require a newborn insert to provide adequate support and make it suitable for a newborn. Other accessories that are useful to have are a sun & rain covers as they are designed to fit your pram properly and will be designed to have adequate air flow. 

How compact is the pram when folded.

Knowing how compact the pram is when folded is essential as it will need to fit into your car boot. Some prams are more compact while others are more bulky. Before you purchase a pram, have a try in store at folding and unfolding the pram and get a feel for the weight. Another thing to consider when buying a pram is the height of yourself and your partner and making sure the pram works for you both.

3 Wheel Pram Versus 4 Wheel Prams

Is a three wheel pram better than a 4 wheel pram? This seems to be the most popular question in my experience. Both 3 & 4 wheeled prams have pros and cons it just depends on what your most common activities will be.

The three wheel prams tend to be marketed for more for sporty type activities as they’re better off road and on bumpy trails. In my experience they handle better on the beach, dirt paths, cobbled paths and tend to be more versatile for a variety of situations.  Most have air filled tires making them more versatile but some say it can make them feel a bit heavier. Most three wheel prams are outward facing once baby is able to sit upright. 

The four wheel prams have more of a light weight feel, easier to steer with one hand and tend to maneuver more easily in tight spaces such as in cafes. They are best suited to flat surfaces such as pathways, malls and streets but they can handle differently on the bumpy trails. They tend to be more compact and fit into smaller cars, and tend to be more stable as the weight is evenly distributed between the four wheels. Most of these styles have baby facing the parent and have adjustable seats.

Capsule Versus Carrycot Attachment  

There are two styles for newborns, a Capsule and a Bassinet style.


A capsule can be used as a car seat and then clipped on the frame of the pram. Some strollers/prams come as a combo travel bundle system which includes all the attachments + inserts from newborn to toddler while others you will need to purchase some extras separately. Things to consider if going for this option is if your car capsule is compatible for your pram, you will need the correct clips for it to attach to the pram frame. The capsule is handy as it’s easy to maneuver from the car to the pram with minimal disturbance to baby. However it is recommended that newborns should not be left in their capsule for long periods of time due to poor neck and head control which can affect their airways. 


The Bassinet style clips onto the pram and baby lays flat on their back. It also requires attachment clips but these should be included with bassinet. The baby can be swaddled and as they lay flat on their back it's the best position for their airway. For the bassinet the baby will need to be unclipped from car seat and placed in bassinet each time when transferring between pram and car.


In conclusion, the best advice is to head into your local store and trial the different styles of prams/strollers available. Get a feel for them, push them around, fold up and unfold them, get a feel for how their weight is and how easy you find it to use them. Get a total cost including all the additional parts and see what best suits your budget. If you decide to get the capsule style seat make sure you have the compatible clips to attach to your brand of pram as they can all be different. If your baby is on the smaller side ask about additional newborn inserts for extra head and neck support. We hope this was helpful and all the best of luck on your pram purchasing journey.

Posted: Friday 6 January 2023